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what is jutti?

The Jutti or Punjabi Jutti or Traditional Jutties a type of footwear in India, which is commonly wear in north part of the country as well as in neighboring region. They are traditionally made up of Leather and the embroidery work is done with real gold and silver zari thread as inspired by Indian royalty over years. Prior, Rajputs of the northwest used to wear leather jutties

Now with changing times different jutti with different materials are made. Besides Punjabi jutti, there are many more types of jutti are available in markets like Rajasthani Jutti, Gujrati Mojari etc. Today Punjab and Rajasthan are the most important trade centers for handcrafted jutties, from where they exported to the world. 

In related to Mojaris, Jutties have evolved into several localized design variations and  designs even depends upon the juttiesmaker. However Jutti do not have left or right shapes, and they take the shape of the foot over the time . They usually have flat sole, and are similar in shapes for both women and men irrespective of designs. Men Jutti have a sharp extended tip called as Nokh, curved upwards like traditional mustaches, and are also called Khussa, were as some women’s jutties have is look to. 

Now with growing world jutties are also customized in different ways and style , therefore some Jutties are designed in back open style similar to mules. Jutties always  been listed in traditional and ethnic wear. However, In this fast growing world which  is changing with time, Jutties has created an remarkable effect on the Indian culture , they have been the  part of ceremonial attire, especially at weddings and parties. There are typically divided in two categories i.e Casuals and Designer Jutties. Casuals are used for everyday use  for both men and women in most of Punjab and Rajasthan regions wear as, Designer jutti are embellished with heavy works, are kept for occasions.TO buy jutties you can prefer juttiesmaker by clicking on this link

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