Revolution In Handicraft By Juttiesmaker

Revolution in handicraft

As we are growing older, we are witnessing a drastic change in the handicraft industry After the Britishers left we have come across so far. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution in handicraft England changed many things in India.

From textile to the style of wearing, everything has been changed a lot.

Punjab is the lion’s share of juttis loved states when it comes to Indian ethnics. From phulkari dupattas to bona fide Punjabi’s juttis, is the love of every girl, after all, we all look best in Indian ethnics.

Jutti comes in different shoemakers, regions, and traditions and accompanies your every outfit. At juttismakers, we pledge you the cozy and trendy pairs.

We have aced the field of casual and designer footwear. Punjabi jutti nearly endeavor with everything small or big family occasions, weddings, meetups, and balanced in your daily life.

The originally crafted jutti is made up of leather, embroideries, and embellished with colorful threads, beads, and some special is made up of silver and gold work also.

Juttismaker ensures you to accord from casual to the designer ones. We are the most reliable and loved brand across India.

Besides, jutti are also prominent in many parts of Rajasthan. Threads, beads, and ghungroo are the chief segment of Rajasthani footwear. Juttis are often known as ‘mojaris’ in some parts of Rajasthan.

It is a pioneer by the ‘chamar’ community who worked with chamda also called leather, later it went to ‘shikars who select and fill color to jutti. Last but not the least, jutti goes to mochis who stitch it and are crafted into a beautiful pair.

In those days when the theses pairs were especially for the queens of the fort as was the sign of royalty and prestige. Although Patiala, in Punjab is the biggest hub for jutti, still you can also find it in Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, and some parts of Karnataka.

You can wear jutties on any of your feet as there is no left or right, can be worn on any foot. All in all the jutti were more rigid and heavy to wear in the early stage of trend.

Now you can get comfy and stylish jutti from , which are easy to carry and slay everywhere you wear them.

Nowadays, most brides ask for personalized and trendy juttis for their functions, , and guess what juttiesmaker is the one who is offering you the customized options. For more info contact us by clicking on the above links.

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