Now You can Dry Clear your JUTTIES and Wash your Vegan products. Store your jutties at dry place and cover them with paper or cloth bags to avoid fungus, moisture and hardness.  If at all exposed to moisture, please dry them out for a couple of hours before putting them back in. Our jutties are extremely soft and light weighted however if your feet are too sensitive, line the inner linning of jutties with mustard oil and wait till skin adapt it and wear them.

You can polish our casual range of jutties, even you can change the shade of jutti too by coating mustard oil on nude shades or liquid color polish to it.

casual jutties – https://juttiesmaker.com/product-category/women/

YOUTUBE- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuenixyoVTm6f_buAn1JNpQ

Vegan products are purely cloth made and comes with waterproof pasting. You can clean them by Hand-wash technique using any detergent and dry them.

VEGAN PRODUCT – https://juttiesmaker.com/product-category/women/tapper/