I’m afraid I laughed when I read this

Bottom line: For most recipients of the $600 federal unemployment benefit enhancement, the final checks went out a few days ago. The official deadline is July 31. The federal eviction moratorium expired last week. Not only is there less debris in VLEO, but any debris that is there tends to decay more quickly, and be destroyed in the atmosphere. That’s what’s standing in the way of all the benefits of operating there. Without a way to overcome that drag, satellites will simply fall out of orbit too soon, and burn up on reentry.

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Reduce the amount of driving you do. Carpool as much as possible to work, school, sporting events. Plan your weekly errands ahead of time. But I’m afraid his arrogance knows no bounds because the reason why he finally resigned was due to “outside pressures”. I’m afraid I laughed when I read this. Glad you made it clear Bob that you didn’t think about resigning and wouldn’t have resigned because this happened on your watch and the buck should stop with you.

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The most common place to look for damage is probably your propeller. Props will get badly worn if you are constantly ploughing a furrow along the sandy or muddy lake bottom making contact with rocks and other solid objects. A worn out prop will decrease the motors effiency quite dramatically and I have heard boaters blame everything else under the sun for their boats/fishing poor performance, except the prop.

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